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Digital media buying is an important component in any marketing strategy, and the need for a data driven approach to digital media buying has become more pronounced over time. Through the use of funnel based media buying, we are able to target the right set of audience more effectively. By analyzing user behavior and leveraging data sets such as demographic profiles, psychographics and past purchasing behaviors, we take data driven decisions to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Our Clients

Brands we have helped grow with our Digital Media Buying Service

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Platforms/publishers we have partnered with to drive results for you

Our Packages

Starter Growth Hacker Progressive
Digital Audit & Strategy

We audit the digital presence of your company and formulate strategy based on the findings
Tracking Integration

We help you integrate Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel in your website & App for better tracking and remarketing
Funnel Development

We help you develop complete funnel (Awareness to Conversion) for your company
Campaign Automation

We help you automate your digital campaigns in Omni-channel platforms

Monthly reports & analytics of the campaign outcomes & insights
Channel CoverageFacebookFacebook, Google Search, Google Display, EmailFacebook, LinkedIn, Google Display, Google Search, YouTube, Programmatic Ads
Media Spending (monthly)

Depends on client's budget
Up to $1K$1K-$3K$3K+
Tracking Integration & Funnel Setup

Onetime Cost
10,000 TK20,000 TK25,000 TK
Campaign Management Fee

Monthly Fee
15,000 TK25,000 TK50,000 TK

*Payment for media spending will be as per bank rate + 15% VAT
*Media payments are paid in advance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital media buying is the process of purchasing placements for advertisements on websites, apps and other digital platforms. In Bangladesh by Digital Media Buying we mostly refer to Facebook boosting & paid ads in Google or youtube.

1. Cost-Effective and Measurable Results

Digital marketing gives us access to real time insights so we can analyze our campaign’s performance, monitor & optimize accordingly.

2. Precise Targeting Options

Digital marketing gives us unlimited options for targeting the right clients at the right time. We can develop and refine strategies such as retargeting, audience lists, surveys, reviews, backlinks, landing pages, to determine if we are hitting the mark and how well our campaign is performing.

3. Reach Customers Anywhere in the Purchasing Journey

With the help of digital media buying we can reach our target audience at every stage of customer journey and optimize our campaigns accordingly.

4. Endless Customization on the Spot

Digital media marketing gives us endless customization through every stage of our campaign from start to finish—and afterward.

5. Greater Brand Credibility

With digital marketing, we can establish brand credibility across a larger market. We can deliver valuable advice through blogs or opinion columns, lean on influencers to promote our brand, create case studies and convert consumer engagement into content.

The media buying process starts from defining a goal that we want to achieve with it. This can be more page views, better conversion rates, and, as the result, more closed leads. Once we know why and for what you may need media buying, we go through the following stages

⚬Facebook Media Buying

⚬YouTube Ads

⚬Google Search Ads

⚬Google Display Ads

⚬LinkedIn Ads

⚬Programmatic Ads

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